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Laura Kinney (X-23)
27 February 2020 @ 05:45 pm
Like how I'm playing Laura? Hate it? Let me know!

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Laura Kinney (X-23)
23 September 2011 @ 07:45 pm
Player Information:

Name or Handle: Jenny
LJ: personas
Email: assula@gmail.com
AIM/ MSN / Plurk name: CriticalCold/none/sonnestark
Any current characters here?: Nope!

Character Information:

Character Name: Laura Kinney a.k.a. X-23
Age: 16
Canon: Marvel Comics
Laura is your typical comic book heroine in most ways: Skinny with an hourglass figure. But, being Logan's clone, she looks enough like him to be mistaken for his daughter. She has long black hair and green eyes, and Wolverine's claws, identical but for placement. For Laura, she has two in each hand and one in each foot.

Laura is a very complicated young woman. Due to the multiple abuses she has suffered, she does not react the way people normally do to things. She struggles to express and understand her emotions, though she has improved during her time with the X-Men. When she is confronted with a particularly intense or confusing emotion, she resorts to self-mutilation. She's not so great at negotiating - when faced with an enemy, her first instinct is to attack, usually to kill. She has improved in this aspect, too. She's much more likely to spare her enemies nowadays. Laura also has a tendency to speak very formally and matter-of-factly. In many respects, she can come off as cold and distant. She has almost no experience with relationships, and usually messes up pretty badly with him. However, Laura is fiercely protective of her allies and friends. When Julian was badly injured by Lady Deathstrike, Laura responded by killing the woman. Similarly, when Cessily and later Julian were kidnapped, she responded immediately and intensely, doing everything she could to help them.

Because Laura was given orders her entire life, she often does not know how to choose for herself. This is why she accepted Cyclops' request for her to join X-Force - she simply does not know how to refuse. In this way, she is very easy to manipulate, and feels lost without a purpose or mission. Recently, she's come to believe that she doesn't have a soul because she's a clone. So, she's gone on a sort of quest to find out if she does, and to prevent the Facility from doing any more experiments. Joining her on this quest is Remy LeBeau, aka Gambit, who she is also becoming close to. In every relationship, though, she is rather awkward, and has a tendency towards jealousy. At one point, a girl named Nori kissed Julian. Laura responded by storming off and completely destroying a bathroom, then cutting her arms. When Wolverine and Jubilee were bantering playfully, she wandering off, lamenting that Jubilee was Wolverine's friend in ways that she could never be. She is also ridiculously awkward in social situations, thinking about things very logically when she shouldn't, or simply misreading the mood of a group and saying the entirely wrong thing. However, she is also very good at pointing out the things that no one wants to admit or think about, and ridiculously good at thinking strategically.

Laura can be very independent in most situations, and can certainly take care of herself. However, she seems very dependent on people's opinions of her. One of the reasons she recently left the X-Men was because she believed everyone else knew her better than she did. She also seemed very hurt when Julian didn't believe that she had a good reason for attacking the possessed Wolverine. She begins to sleep outside rather than in the Institute because her friends are angry with her and afraid of her, and also seems hurt when Nori chews her out for joining X-Force.

If you are apping a character arriving from another game: Laura hasn't changed an incredible amount from her time at Paradisa as she wasn't there very long, but she has become a bit more open and willing to become close to people.

Background: Here!

Paradisa Canon: Laura was in paradisa for three months. The events that occured to her there weren't nearly as significant as the relationships she made, most importantly her friendship with movieverse Wolverine. She actually became closer to him than comicverse Wolverine in most aspects. He was more willing to listen to her and to guide her, while comicverse Logan is generally more distant. She and the other New X-Men continued their training sessions, though these ended up falling apart close to her departure, due mainly to team friction. She was also a big part of the Slenderman plot, in which she helped save the children who were kidnapped, foremost among them Princess Justinia.

Canon point: X-23 #14:

I'm bringing her from this book as I really, really love the way she's learning to deal with her past, and the mentor she's found in Gambit.

Special Abilities: Here! Her healing factor will work slightly slower, though, more like force healing.

Sect: Civilian

Job: None yet!


First Person:

Here is her tag at Paradisa. Mine was the most recent Laura - fightfurther.

Third Person:

Kiden smiled at Laura, leaning closer as she asked, "So where'd you go? You know, after you left us?"

"To the Xavier Institute," she responded simply, drawing her knees up to her chest. Kiden laughed, and Laura couldn't help but smile just slightly in return.

"Seriously? You're not joking?"


"So you were an X-Man? Like, for real?"

"Yes." Laura turned to find Kiden still grinning at her.
Kiden tilted her head slightly. "Did you like it there? It seems so... So..." She paused for a moment, looking upward as she thought. "So strict."

Laura didn't respond immediately. Had she liked being an X-Man? It had certainly been better than every other "job" she had ever had. And fighting was not a difficult thing for her by any means. "It was..." Laura hesitated again, considering the fact that if she had ignored Wolverine's wishes and never joined the X-Men, she would have never met Julian, or Cessily or Sooraya. "I did not mind it."

"God, I wouldn't be able to stand it. Everyone telling you what to do all the time, and that guy, Cyclops... Is he as boring as he seems?"

Laura smiled again, so quickly she was certain Kiden had not caught it. "He is very serious," she admitted, and Kiden laughed again.

"So he's even worse than he looks! Is that why you left?"


Kiden glanced at Laura curiously, but did not press the issue, and Laura felt a small wave of relief wash over her. Her reasons for leaving were too complicated to explain, and she felt... Content with Kiden. She didn't want to ruin that by dragging out all of her demons. Part of Laura knew that Kiden would never judge her for such things - they'd met when Laura was half naked and covered in blood, a child prostitute, after all - but she didn't really want to take the chance. "You know," the young girl added, looking up at the sky again. "You could always hang out with us again. We miss you."

"I know." Another pause, then Laura added a soft, "I miss you, too." It was still hard to get used to, knowing that she had people that would protect her. Part of her did want to stay with Kiden, who would accept her and not expect anything from her. She could just wander, not having to think about fighting or her past or future. But Kimura was always, always looking, and until the Facility was destroyed, Laura knew she could never put Kiden and the others in that kind of danger. She could never be free until she really dealt with her past.

How exhausting.

Apparently such a long lull in the conversation was not something Kiden appreciated, so she turned to face Laura fully and said, "You know, Bobby wants to go to Vegas." Laura did not respond, but instead looked at her expectantly. "I dunno, he says there's more jobs out there or something. Says it'll be easier to take care of his brother. But God, New York is bigger than Vegas. There's tons of jobs here. It's just... None of them are that appealing, I guess." When Laura didn't respond, Kiden added, "Besides, if we go to Vegas, how would you be able to find us?"

"I would not have trouble," Laura replied, and Kiden grinned again.

"No, you probably wouldn't."

Anything Else:
Blue milk and jolee bindo! :3
Laura Kinney (X-23)
15 March 2011 @ 07:44 pm

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